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SEO Content Strategy

SEO content strategy isn’t simple. If it was, everyone would have websites that generate 250,000+ visits/month. Thankfully, the act of building and executing a successful strategy has a significant barrier to entry. That said, you can win with repeated, high-quality execution. Step #1: Find Competitors Beating You So the primary thing we improve the situation another forthcoming customer, and you ought to do this for yourself as well, is to take a gander at the contenders who are beating you.

Utilizing devices like SEMrush or Ahrefs, you may find that your rivals have a reasonable lead from a natural movement perspective. If so, do some examination.

Perhaps you'll see that your greatest rival is in front of you by 300,000 visits. Connect your rivals site to a site like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs and discover what number of connections they have contrasted with you.

Step #2: Identify Link or Content Gaps Between Targets
So if your rival is 300,000 visits before you, or has 200 connecti…

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